PHILIPS Click on Beard Styler Accessory - RQ111/53

PHILIPS Click on Beard Styler Accessory - RQ111/53

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The Philips RQ111 Beard Trimmer and groomer attachment lets you use select Philips/Norelco Shavers as a beard trimmer or groomer with 5 different length settings.

Designed to work with the follow Philips Shaver models only:

S9xxx series model shavers:
S9011, S9021, S9031, S9041, S9051, S9090
S9111, S9112, S9121, S9151, S9152, S9161, S9171, S9181, S9182, S9185, S9186
S9311, S9321, S9371
S9511, S9512, S9521, S9522, S9531, S9551, S9552
S9711, S9712, S9721, S9731, S9732, S9741, S9751, S9781
S9911, S9981, S9988
S8880, S8950
SW6700, SW9700

S7xxx series model shavers:

S7310, S7370, S7371, S7710, S7720, S7730

S5xxx series model shavers:
S5010, S5011, S5013, S5015, S5050, S5070, S5075, S5077, S5078, S5079, S5080, S5082, S5085, S5090
S5100, S5110, S5130, S5140, S5150
S5205, S5210, S5211, S5213, S5230, S5231, S5251, S5252, S5270, S5271, S5272, S5273, S5290
S5310, S5320, S5330, S5335, S5340, S5355, S5360, S5370, S5380, S5390, S5391, S5395, S5396
S5400, S5420
S5510, S5520, S5560, S5570, S5571, S5572, S5590
S5600, S5610, S5620
SensoTouch 3D:
1290X, 1280X, 1280XCC, 1260X, 1255X, 1251X, 1250X, 1250XCC, 8100, 8700, 8800, 8900, 9300, 9700, 9700cc, RQ1250, RQ1251, RQ1252, RQ1254, RQ1258, RQ1260, RQ1261, RQ1265, RQ1275, RQ1280, RQ1284, RQ1290, RQ1296

SensoTouch 2D:
1190X, 1190XD, 1180X, 1170X, 1165X, 1160X, 1160XCC, 1150X, 6100, 6500, RQ1131, RQ1145, RQ1150, RQ1151, RQ1155, RQ1160, RQ1175, RQ1178, RQ1180, RQ1185, RQ1190, RQ1195

1050X, 1050CC, 1050XCC, 1050NXT, 1059X, 1060X, 1090X, RQ1095, RQ1090, RQ1060, RQ1059, RQ1050


  • Precision trimmer to create the fine details for your style
  • Rounded tips and comb prevent skin irritation
  • Beard and moustache comb with 5 length settings

Bulk packaging. Backed by a 2 year Philips warranty.