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Protect your purchase and be confident in the products that you buy from us by investing in our +1 Guarantee.

We will replace* any protected item for 1 year following the end of any manufacturer warranty starting the day of purchase.

How to claim:

If the protected product stops working because of a manufacturer defect then please contact our Cookstown location by emailing cookstown_heos@outlook.com or calling 705-458-2270. We may ask you to do some simple troubleshooting to determine the defect. In the event that the unit is defective we will ask you to return the product to our Cookstown location. At the discretion of the company we will then decide whether to *replace, repair or issue a gift card in the value of the original purchase price including any taxes but excluding the cost of the plan.

Brands that are covered with the +1 Guarantee.


Brand Total protection time
Andis 2 Years
Black & Decker tools  3 Years
Black & Decker lawn & Garden (Lawn mowers are repair only after first season) 3 years
Hamilton Beach 6 years
Krups 3 years
Panasonic 15 months
Philips grooming 3 years
Proctor Silex 2 years
Relaxus 2 years
Rowenta 2 years
Salton 2 years
T-Fal 2 years
Excalibur 15 months
Omega 15 months
Sencor  2 years
Kitchen Aid 2 years
Brentwood 2 years
Sharper Image 2 years


 How much does the +1 cost?

 Product Price

Plus1 Price

Up to $49.99


$50.00 - $99.99


$100.00 - $149.99


$150.00 - $199.99


$200.00 - $249.99


$250.00 - $299.99






Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions

If a product fails as a result of a manufacturers defect inside of the plan coverage period, then HomeEssentialsOutlet.com will at their discretion replace the product or issue a gift card. The value of the gift card if issued will not exceed the purchase price plus any additional taxes of the product covered under the plan. The charge for the protection plan will not be returned as part of this process and once a claim has been processed the protection will be considered complete.

*Some products may be subject to repair rather than replacement.

The +1 plan must follow the product that is covered on the receipt.

The product must have the original packaging in order to process a claim.

Homeessentialsoutlet.com is not able to find copies of receipts or to replace gift cards that have been lost or stolen. We do not keep customers personal  details and are unable to retrieve the information from previous plan purchases.

Coverage period:

Plan coverage starts from the original purchase date. The coverage will continue for 1 year following the the end of any manufacturer warranty period, or once a claim is made whichever comes first. Should a claim be processed an additional +1 may be purchased which will maintain coverage until 1 year from the original purchase date.

Exclusions & exceptions:

The plan does not cover:

Damage resulting from insect manifestation, any liquid spills or from the misuse of the product.

Damage caused by any unauthorized attempt at repair.

The loss or theft of the product.

Cosmetic damage caused either intentionally or accidentally.

Damage to any type of video screen.

Consumables are not covered under the +1 plan, including but not limited to removable batteries, filters, inks, blades, foils, combs etc.

Any consequential damage caused by the failure of the product, damage to counter tops, loss of data etc.

Damage to attachments or accessories not supplied with original   product. Any damage caused by said attachments or accessories.

Transfer of plan

The Plan is transferable with the original receipt.


We may cancel this Plan at our option on the basis of fraud or        misrepresentation, or the unauthorized repair of the product. You may cancel this Plan for any reason within 30 days of purchase and receive a gift card to the value of the  Plan price including any applicable taxes., less the cost of any claims paid (if any). To receive your gift card, you must contact homeessentialsoutlet.com, have access to the original receipt. After 30 days no return will be applied.