IRWIN Quick-Grip 4-Inch Handi Clamp - 59400CD

IRWIN Quick-Grip 4-Inch Handi Clamp - 59400CD

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The IRWIN QUICK-GRIP Handi-Clamp features a QUICK-RELEASE trigger that makes positioning easier while allowing the clamp to release faster. This clamp is designed to be more comfortable to use with a ratcheting mechanism that requires significantly reduced hand pressure and makes the clamp easier to adjust. Constructed of high-tech resin, the clam has specially designed jaws to hold odd-shaped workpieces.


- QUICK-RELEASE trigger allows for fast and easy positioning and release

- Ratcheting mechanism provides adjustable clamping pressure

- Significantly reduced hand force needed to generate clamping pressure makes these clamps more comfortable to use

- High-tech resin construction provides strength and durability

- Specially designed jaws hold odd-shaped workpieces

Brand new. Backed by a lifetime Irwin warranty.