VICTORINOX Evolution Wood Swiss Knife  - 2380163US2

VICTORINOX Evolution Wood Swiss Knife - 2380163US2

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The Victorinox EvoWood 10 is the ultimate mark of Victorinox s commitment to sustainable, green design. Each of these Swiss Army knives features a handle that is made of elegant, lightweight, and sustainably grown Swiss walnut. Every facet of this knife is designed to be as conservative as possible, utilizing materials that would otherwise be discarded in conventional manufacturing processes.

Included Functions:

  1. Large blade
  2. Can opener with small screwdriver
  3. Nail file with nail cleaner
  4. Bottle opener with large locking screwdriver & wire stripper
  5. Corkscrew
  6. Punch
  7. Reamer
  8. Ring Key

Brand New. Backed by a Victorinox Limited Lifetime warranty.