STARFRIT The Rock 32Cm Pan with Lid - 030366002WHIT

STARFRIT The Rock 32Cm Pan with Lid - 030366002WHIT

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The Rock One Pot is your no-stress no-mess solution for complete, quick and tasty weekday meals. The One Pot Meal cooking concept is perfect for busy households who want to eat healthy without compromising on taste. With The Rock One Pot, dinner is on the table in 30 minutes or less and there is only one pot to clean.

It's easy! Add, simmer and enjoy!

The Rock cookware is unique because of its Rock.Tec technology that modifies the cooking surface and makes it ultra durable. It has a non-stick surface three times better than competition and resists to scratches and abrasion.


- Has a large cooking surface and capacity

- High and straight cooking walls to easily stir food without making a mess

- Stainless steel riveted handles on each side for a comfortable and secure grip

- A glass lid to better check the foods that are being prepared

- A great look from oven to table